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A Genie Grants You Only 1 of the Following Wishes. Which Would You Pick?

Posted: 07 Oct 2008 07:22 AM CDT

We conducted this poll awhile back and I think that we have got pretty interesting results that is worth discussing.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

I am not entirely surprised that the $100M option won, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t! I guess many believe that money is what makes the world go round. And if you have money, many other problems can be solved. But my question is, what good is so much money if the world around us is caving in? Perhaps we don’t experience the direct effects of war right now or even global warming, but at the rate chaos is spreading, are we sure we will have the freedom to enjoy all that money?

Perhaps you would like to share what you voted on and why?

Michelle Mayden

Posted: 07 Oct 2008 07:06 AM CDT

An English glamour model that is worth ogling.





















RIP in Style

Posted: 07 Oct 2008 07:06 AM CDT

For some people when they go, they just got to go in style and that’s what these strange coffins are meant for. Seriously, I couldn’t care less how they package me as it’s not gonna change a thing.














50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know

Posted: 07 Oct 2008 07:03 AM CDT

Not sure how true these are, just use it for a laugh and don’t quote me :)

1. The Ten Commandments We Always See Aren’t the Ten Commandments

2. One of the Popes Wrote an Erotic Book

3. The CIA Commits Over 100,000 Serious Crimes Each Year

4. The First CIA Agent to Die in the Line of Duty Was Douglas Mackiernan

5. After 9/11, the Defense Department Wanted to Poison Afghanistan’s Food Supply

6. The US Government Lies About the Number of Terrorism Convictions It Obtains

7. The US Is Planning to Provoke Terrorist Attacks

8. The US and Soviet Union Considered Detonating Nuclear Bombs on the Moon

9. Two Atomic Bombs Were Dropped on North Carolina

10. World War III Almost Started in 1995

11. The Korean War Never Ended

12. Agent Orange Was Used in Korea

13. Kent State Wasn’t the Only — or Even the First — Massacre of College Students During the Vietnam Era

14. Winston Churchill Believed in a Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy

15. The Auschwitz Tattoo Was Originally an IBM Code Number

16. Adolph Hitler’s Blood Relatives Are Alive and Well in New York State

17. Around One Quarter of “Witches” Were Men

18. The Virginia Colonists Practiced Cannibalism

19. Many of the Pioneering Feminists Opposed Abortion

20. Black People Served in the Confederate Army

21. Electric Cars Have Been Around Since the 1880s

22. Juries Are Allowed to Judge the Law, Not Just the Facts

23. The Police Aren’t Legally Obligated to Protect You

24. The Government Can Take Your House and Land, Then Sell Them to Private Corporations

25. The Supreme Court Has Ruled That You’re Allowed to Ingest Any Drug, Especially If You’re an Addict

26. The Age of Consent in Most of the US Is Not Eighteen

27. Most Scientists Don’t Read All of the Articles They Cite

28. Louis Pasteur Suppressed Experiments That Didn’t Support His Theories

29. The Creator of the GAIA Hypothesis Supports Nuclear Power

30. Genetically-Engineered Humans Have Already Been Born

31. The Insurance Industry Wants to Genetically Test All Policy Holders

32. Smoking Causes Problems Other Than Lung Cancer and Heart Disease

33. Herds of Milk-Producing Cows Are Rife With Bovine Leukemia Virus

34. Most Doctors Don’t Know the Radiation Level of CAT Scans

35. Medication Errors Kill Thousands Each Year

36. Prescription Drugs Kill Over 100,000 Annually

37. Work Kills More People Than War

38. The Suicide Rate Is Highest Among the Elderly

39. For Low-Risk People, a Positive Result from an HIV Test Is Wrong Half the Time

40. DNA Matching Is Not Infallible

41. An FBI Expert Testified That Lie Detectors Are Worthless for Security Screening

42. The Bayer Company Made Heroin

43. LSD Has Been Used Successfully in Psychiatric Therapy

44. Carl Sagan Was an Avid Pot-Smoker

45. One of the Heroes of Black Hawk Down Is a Convicted Child Molester

46. The Auto Industry Says That SUV Drivers Are Selfish and Insecure

47. The Word “Squaw” Is Not a Derisive Term for the Vagina

48. You Can Mail Letters for Little or No Cost

49. Advertisers’ Influence on the News Media Is Widespread

50. The World’s Museums Contain Innumerable Fakes

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