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Hottie of the Month January: Kimbyr

Posted: 26 Jan 2010 11:55 AM PST

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Name: My name is Kimbyr
Location: I am currently living in North Florida but I am originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I’m a true Florida girl and I LOVE IT!

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Height: I usually don’t like to tell people how tall I “really” am because I get afraid that they will not want to work with me or give me a chance but I realize that amazing things come in small packages and my height has never stopped me before! I wear high heels almost everyday so people really don’t realize I am so tiny… but I will admit that I am only 4′11 :)
Weight: I weigh about 99-102 pounds, depending on the day!! I love to eat sushi and cookies, they are my weaknesses… so sometimes I gain a couple pounds but I work out a lot so I usually work them off:)
Measurements: My measurements are 32 DD, 25, 34 and I love being curvy. Being too thin is not IN, at least in my mind it isn’t. I love Kim Kardashian’s look, she’s got the perfect body!
Occupation: Currently my occupation is 1. Law student, 2. Singer 3. Model, 4. Actress, I have been called a quadruple threat!! The most important thing to me at this moment is my band Diamond Decolletage, our music is coming out this Jan 2010, and it’s a mix of pop/rock/dance and hip hop beats and I am sure the world will love it! My sister Seara Nicole and I bring a mix of Glamour and Sexiness to the stage and to your speakers!! What is not to love about a hot brunette and a hot blonde, it’s the best of both worlds!! Keep our page bookmarked!! Big things coming out soon The second most important thing to me is telling the world about a shirt coming out from (check them out their shirts are so sexy) featuring ME!! I just got done shooting the design in October 2009 and I saw the finished product, it’s so HOT!! I can’t wait for the world to see it!!! Please follow me on Twitter for updates and bookmark their site ;)
Interests/Hobbies: My interests and hobbies vary depending on my mood and which phase I am in… I am a Gemini and tend to get bored very easily:) I love watching TV shows ( my favs are Bones, Lost, Dollhouse, Gossip Girl, Ultimate Fighter etc), I like watching Movies, Working out, Fine Dining, Music, and anything that gets my heart pumping and my feet moving! I love to dance and love thrilling adventures! You name it.. I’ll try it. For fun and a few beers I love watching UFC! I’ve even been to a fight live at the octogon and watched Rashad Evans kick a guy in the head and knock him out cold!! I also enjoy being active, I like working out, playing lacrosse, soccer, and any sport that poses a challege. I used to aggressive inline skate (meaning rollerblading down half pipes) I can still do a backside grind on a half pipe:))
What do you look for in a guy: Confidence is a turn on to me. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, muscular or thin, skinny or curvy! What matters is how you carry yourself. Confidence without cockiness is the biggest turn on! The biggest turn offs for me right away are bad breath and bad hygiene. Those are things that can be fixed though so bigger turn offs are cockiness, being overly conceited, and lying! I can’t stand liars!!
What do you think your best features is: My best feature would have to be my eyes and my stomach! My eyes can really tell a story or just flirt without me having to say a word. I gauge a lot from looking at a person’s eyes. But… my favorite part of my body would have to be my stomach! It’s hard work to keep the midsection nice and toned but it’s an area where you can really see the results and that makes me feel like my work has paid off!
What do other people say: Most people would probably say my face and my boobies :) are my best features. I have been told (and this is a quote) “It doesn’t matter how covered up your body is, your face is just SEXY and SEDUCTIVE, there isn’t anything you can do about that” and “Even if you didn’t have a hot body your face is so seductive and irresistible, I would still want to be with you.” I have always had a nice chest, when I was a teenager my boobies were definitely something my girl friends envied. My boobs (who still have yet to be named.. any suggestions?) used to be a B naturally but after a little help they are now a full Double D and I love them so much! People stare at them and ask about them a lot so I am guessing that they are one of my best features in other people’s eyes.
If you could be president for a day and get three things accomplished what would they be: I don’t really like gettin’ all political and if I were only President for a day I don’t think I would have time to get that much accomplished, being that the White House has 132 rooms, 25 bathrooms and 6 levels I probably would not have time to walk thru the entire house, let alone implement any new changes that could help the U.S. It would take me almost a month alone to use each bathroom if I used one per day and it would take me at least 4 months or longer to spend the night in every room!! So if all I was given was ONE 24 hour period I would most likely take advantage of my visit and make use of some of the coolest things the President gets to utilize, like his private chiefs, private full size bowling alley, putting green, jogging track, billiard room, tennis court, swimming pool and movie theater. Sorry to disappoint on the political front but one day of living like a kid again sounds pretty appealing to me :) want to join me?
Sex on the first date: Sex is a big deal to me, not because I am a prude, trust me that is NOT the case, but because I realize that when I am dating someone ( I have only had four boyfriends) I want them to cherish being with me, I don’t want them to ever have to hear other guys bragging about what they did with me in the past. I like being special and I think that sex is special. Being sexy is one thing, I LOVE being sexy but if the world is allowed to see everything (which they practically do in all my pictures), what will the love of my life get that the world does not already have? That is why, I would never have and have never had sex on the first date. There’s nothing wrong with it, I am not against it, I am not judging people that do it, but I am out there for the world to see in all my sexiness so I must preserve something special for the one I love. However, everything else is still on the table for the first date :)
Best place you have ever hooked up: Speaking of sex, the best place I have ever “hooked up” would have to be at Universal Studios. Me and one of my boyfriend’s (he knows who he is :) decided (during a rainstorm in broad daylight at Universal Studios) to have a lil fun on the porch of one of those fake houses on the street.. needless to say it was really adventurous and one of the coolest and scariest things I have ever done while “hooking up” there were so many people walking by and so many cameras around the entire park, someone had to have seen us!
Does size matter: Why does every interview ask whether size matters? I think it is pretty funny and I hate the lame responses like “it’s not the size, it’s how you use it.” hahah or “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.” hahahahah really? Look, here’s the deal, sex is all about chemistry. I am not saying size doesn’t matter but chemistry between too people is like FIRE! I’ve never sat around before a date thinking “I wonder how big he is?” or “Gosh I hope he knows how to use it.” Nope. I usually hope that we “connect” or that there is “chemistry” between us! Because size is just size and sex is just sex without something more.

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Daily Cool Pics

Posted: 26 Jan 2010 07:00 AM PST

Breath deep because that is the smell of victory!
























Tooshie Tuesday

Posted: 26 Jan 2010 06:45 AM PST

Now that my Jets have been eliminated from the playoffs I have to think about when he Yankees report to camp and this picture made me think of baseball season.


























Optimus Prime…sort of

Posted: 26 Jan 2010 06:10 AM PST

I need to find out how this guy got his wife to say it was cool to build a scrap metal Optimus Prime in front of their house.  What am I saying this guy must live with his parents.  Very cool work though.












NFL Cheerleaders make me smile

Posted: 26 Jan 2010 05:45 AM PST

For all of us that are not fans of the Colts or Saints we can at least enjoy these football images.































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