Friday, September 3, 2010

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Tata Thursday (24 Photos)

Posted: 02 Sep 2010 10:54 AM PDT

Who doesn’t love Thursday?

Daily Cool Pics (22 Photos)

Posted: 02 Sep 2010 10:31 AM PDT

Sure that furniture is hanging off the back of the truck, but it does look like they were careful to wrap it in plastic first.  Go Allied Moving!

What happens under a wave? (17 Photos)

Posted: 02 Sep 2010 10:26 AM PDT

Get knocked off your board or feet by a wave and you can expect that under that white foam is not a peaceful environment.

Mother Nature gets Angry (20 Photos)

Posted: 02 Sep 2010 10:24 AM PDT

With a huge hurricane moving up the east coast of the US this week I think we should remember how angry Mother Nature can become.

Aliens (33 Images)

Posted: 02 Sep 2010 10:21 AM PDT

What do you think aliens look like?

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