Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Friday Wild Girls

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 10:19 AM PDT

It has been a long week so this is one of the happiest Friday Wild Girls ever!

Funtasticus Links

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 09:07 AM PDT

Show off your tooshie to sell a bra…works for me! Dylan Thomas is a busty bikini model that did not bone Chris Berman Christina Hendricks takes her ample ladies to GQ with some lingerie Super...

Daily Cool Pics

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 08:33 AM PDT

That is art if you ask me.

Lightning Crashes

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 08:24 AM PDT

I love storms. I once flew into Denver and saw one hell of a light show as we were landing.

Random Hotness

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 07:51 AM PDT

Pole Vaulting is Awesome

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 07:32 AM PDT

When I ran track in high school women’s pole vaulting wasn’t really a big thing. I would have enjoyed watching that event between races. For those who are fans of Allison Stokke you have...


Posted: 13 Aug 2010 06:48 AM PDT

Maybe these will help keep your mind off the fact that it is Friday the 13th!

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