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Hot Melina Pitra Photos

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:40 PM CDT

Argentine model with a perfect body inside! You’ll never regret spending these minutes with her!

 Melina Pitra006_5

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Portuguese Models for Maxim

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:35 PM CDT

Sarah Nordin and Raquel Ferreira in a photoshoot to support their national soccer team! So, how do you find Portuguese girls?


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Air Balloon Rally

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:30 PM CDT

Huge and funny air balloons in a breathtaking parade!


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Sexy Cinthia Moura

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:24 PM CDT

Cinthia Moura is a supermodel that hails from Brazil. If you live in Canada, you probably recognize her as the face of Dynamite.ca. She’s been on numerous magazine covers and works for Vogue and Avon.

 Cinthia Moura006_5

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Motorshow Girls

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:22 PM CDT

Girls and cars in one selection! Very sexy!


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Relax in Extreme Conditions

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:20 PM CDT

To relax after a busy summer day you can get to your backyard and enjoy your hammock. This guy  goes a step further replacing  the backyard with all kinds of other places!


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Try to Help the People

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:15 PM CDT

A big, burly man visited the pastor’s home and asked to see the minister’s wife, a woman well known for her charitable impulses.

“Madam,” he said in a broken voice, “I wish to draw your attention to the terrible plight of a poor family in this district. The father is dead, the mother is too ill to work, and the nine children are starving. They are about to be turned into the cold, empty streets unless someone pays their rent, which amounts to $400.”

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Daily Selection

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:10 PM CDT

Popular Logos in Real Life

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:05 PM CDT

Each Man Gives a Story

Posted: 23 Jun 2008 02:00 PM CDT

Three men were standing in line to get into heaven one day. Apparently it had been a pretty busy day, though, so Peter had to tell the first one, “Heaven’s getting pretty close to full today, and I’ve been asked to admit only people who have had particularly horrible deaths. So what’s your story?”

So the first man replies: “Well, for a while I’ve suspected my wife has been cheating on me, so today I came home early to try to catch her red-handed. As I came into my 25th floor apartment, I could tell something was wrong, but all my searching around didn’t reveal where this other guy could have been hiding. Finally, I went out to the balcony, and sure enough, there was this man hanging off the railing, 25 floors above ground! By now I was really mad, so I started beating on him and kicking him, but wouldn’t you know it, he wouldn’t fall off. So finally I went back into my apartment and got a hammer and starting hammering on his fingers. Of course, he couldn’t stand that for long, so he let go and fell — but even after 25 stories, he fell into the bushes, stunned but okay. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the fridge and threw it over the edge where it landed on him, killing him instantly. But all the stress and anger got to me, and I had a heart attack and died there on the balcony.”

“That sounds like a pretty bad day to me,” said Peter, and let the man in.

The second man comes up and Peter explains to him about heaven being full, and again asks for his story.

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